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Prayer is Power

We are a Prayer Believing Church. We believe that there is a power in prayer! While some
people find it difficult to engage in prayers for the simple reasons that their needs can be met
without prayer, we strongly believe that prayer is an important component of Christian faith.
Jesus Christ himself modeled for us the importance of relying on God for the supplies of our
needs (Matthew 6:9-13)! Jesus tells his disciples to pray until their joy is full (John 16:24).
Prayer has power to console, comfort, conquer, change, and transform lives! Prayer may not
instantly cure your diseases, but it might make you better able to face and to overcome your
health challenges. Prayer gives hope in the time of adversities and vicissitudes of life!
Please do not hesitate to send your prayer request by clicking the Prayer Request button above as
we continue intercessory prayers daily and offer thanksgiving to God for answered prayers.

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